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Thursday 10th April from 09.00-12.00 pre-conferences are organised. The access to the prec-conference costs 30 Euros.The conferences are organised by a variety of stakeholders who are active in the field of health literacy.

What is happening in the Health Literacy field within the Nordic Countries?

The Nordic Health Literacy Network (NorHLnet) was founded 2012. The network is open for all people interested in, working with and/or wanting to work with Health Literacy and/or conducting Health Literacy research in any of the Nordic countries. The network meets regularly twice a year to discuss different Health Literacy issues raised by the members in the network. So, if Health Literacy networking interests you, please sign up for this pre-conference workshop. The present situation of what is going on in different Health Literacy areas in the Nordic countries will be presented, followed by discussions focusing on what the overreaching aim of the network should be and how work within the network will continue.


Prior to the workshop we call for short written presentations (max 1 A4 page) on how you work with or are interested in Health Literacy and wants to focusing on within the network. Those attending the workshop will form focus groups based on their interest in health literacy, to draw up the frames for the continuous work within the network.


The pre-conference is organised by the Nordic Health Literacy Network.

Taking children’s health literacy seriously: innovative perspectives from research, practice and policy – a multi-methods workshop 

The workshop is organized by Working Internationally on Social Development and Health in European Schools and Families (WISHES) -- a network that spans university-based research and school-based as well as community-based practice, across Europe (


How are skills required for healthy lifestyles developed and acquired in real life school situations?  In what ways do health literacy programmes facilitate or undermine the skill sets currently displayed by various actors within school settings?  What role is played by external actors who influence the working of schools, ranging from parents to local authorities?  What are some relevant programmes, models and cases of good practice?


If these questions excite you, please sign up for this pre-conference workshop, where discussions will be embedded within strong cross-disciplinary research that draws on education, health, socialization studies, social science more generally and physical activity research.


The pre-conference is organised by the WISHES network.

Health literacy, chronic disease and healthy ageing
Introduction to the HLS-EU-Q measurements

The aim of the pre-conference is to exchange views and experiences regarding health literacy and self-management, on the basis of research conducted in the FP7 projects Diabetes Literacy and IROHLA (Intervention Research of Health Literacy in the Ageing Population). The interactive programme includes discussions concerning conceptual models, best practices and implementation fidelity in break-out sessions and in plenary.


The pre-conference is organised by the Diabetes Literacy consortium and the IROHLA consortium.

The European Health Literacy Survey was conducted in 2011 in eight countries. This pre-conference introduces the HLS-EU-Q, which was developed to measure health literacy in the European Health Literacy Survey. The aim is to provide insights concerning the underlying conceptual framework, the application and the analysis of the data. The  HLS-EU-Q will be compared to other health literacy assessment tools and advantages and disadvantages will be discussed.


The pre-conference is organised by the HLS-EU consortium.

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