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The 2nd European Health Literacy Conference



The Department of Public Health, Aarhus University and Health Literacy Europe hosted the  successful 2nd European Health Literacy Conference in Aarhus on 10-11 April 2014.


There were unique opportunities to share knowledge, engage in fruitful debates, and make new friends and connect with future collaborators. Thanks to the participation of leading Nordic and international experts it was possible to form a programme with a variety of topics related to the theme: ”Health Literacy in populations and settings - developing the research base”.

The aim of the 2nd European Health Literacy Conference was to promote health literate populations and societies by

• Sharing evidence-based research on health literacy measurement, interventions and policies

• Providing a platform for knowledge-exchange for professionals working in the field of health literacy in Europe stimulating wider collaboration

• Providing a cross-sectorial, interdisciplinary approach to health literacy by creating opportunities for capacity building and professionalization in policy, research and practice.


The programme was organised in three plenary sessions, four parallel oral sessions and two parallel teach-ins. Altogether the conference offered 22 oral presentations and several speeches held by leading health literacy researchers. Throughout the conference there was the opportunity to explore the new and inspiring research projects presented in the 35 posters. In addition, the four pre-conferences provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and networking. The Rainbow and Boy sculpture at Aros Art Museum ensured a triggering impact during the social programme.


The 2EHLC organizers were Health Literacy Europe in collaboration with Aarhus University, HLS-EU consortium and KongresKompaniet. The pre-conferences were organised by HLS-EU consortium, Diabetes Literacy consortium, IROHLA consortium, The Nordic Health Literacy Network (NorHLnet)  and Working Internationally on Social Development and Health in European Schools and Families (WISHES). The conference was sponsored by IROHLA, MSD, The Diabetes Literacy project, Danish Society of Public Health and RegionMidtJylland.

Helle Terkildsen Maindal, Conference chair, Aarhus University, Denmark

Kristine Sorensen, Executive Chair, Health Literacy Europe

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